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  • 1336 S. 8th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Passyunk Square
    A former corner store, this property has a huge spraypainted plywood or cardboard sign in the (filthy) front window advertising the store for rent. The sign has been there for years. The property is in general disrepair. There is a large glass and metal sign attached by an old metal pole to the outside of the building - could be in danger of falling because it has not been maintained. The city should inspect it and it has been reported to 311. Is there not some city ordinance that could require them to at least take the the hideous sign out of the front window?
  • 1401 S. 8th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Passyunk Square
    This address is at the corner of 8th and Reed and it appears that interior construction or a clean out of some kind is taking place on the Reed Street side of the building. A large amount of construction debris is being placed daily into an open truck bed parked on Reed Street. No permits are visible.